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Online registration is from the 1st - 30th November for the Trail in the following May. If you would like to join us next year, here is the entry procedure and the ethos behind the event.

Malcolm Macdonald


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Becoming an Open Studios Artist

The philosophy of Chichester Open Studios Art Trail is to give an insight into the creation of art by the opening of studio doors to interested members of the public.

For many Trail Goers, this is the major attraction of our particular Art Trail; the environment in which work is created, the tools, the process of making, and work in progress are all revealed and add depth to the artwork on show. This generosity is a well received privilege for visitors and a rewarding experience for artists.

For some artists, the Art Trail is an opportunity to sell work. For others, the pleasure is in welcoming, inspiring and talking to visitors, which adds fuel to their own practice and makes valuable connections.

All in all, many successful Trail years are evidence that Chichester Open Studios Art Trail is a tried and true vehicle for bringing the work and practice of Trail artists before the eyes of an inspired, as well as purchasing, public.

Polly Dutton


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Raising awareness of local artists

If you are unable to open your place of work, you may still take part in a Venue such as a hall or marquee, or join one other artist in their studio. As well as your artwork, a flavour of your working environment is still to be presented. An aspect of work being undertaken, a selection of tools and equipment, some working drawings or sketchbooks, can be used to convey the creative practice behind your art.

We would like to maintain this ‘accessibility’ for the public and thus provide a rich and varied audience for you, the artist.

Registration is in November, via the website, for the Art Trail in the following May. You can sign up to receive the Artists’ Newsletter if you would like to be sent the Call for Artists in October.

How to join

Guidance notes for artists

1. Registration

An online Registration Form will be available on the website from November 1st – 30th. No entries can be accepted after registration has closed.

Artists new to the Trail must register one week in advance of the deadline so that any problems can be addressed in good time.

Once you are registered, you will receive regular email Newsletters with support and information about the Trail timeline, what needs to be done, what is happening and when.

2. Who can take part ?

The Chichester Open Studios Art Trail is open to all artists and makers resident in the Chichester area or those who have their full-time art studio in the area.

The Chichester area for this purpose refers to the extent of the current Trail.

3. Dates to be available and commitment required

The 2021 Trail dates are the first two weekends in May.
Saturday, Sunday and Monday, May 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Saturday and Sunday, May 8th and 9th

Venues are open from 10.30am – 5.00pm and the artist is present during the opening hours.

Preview Exhibition in the Oxmarket
Runs from Tuesday 20th to Sunday 25th April.
The Launch Party for artists will be held on the Tuesday evening.
On the previous Monday, 19th, (hanging day) and the final Sunday, artists will be required to drop off and collect their exhibition piece.

Collection Day
A day will be set aside at the beginning of April for artists to collect their Venue signs and supplies. This will also be a social event for artists.

4. What type of work can I exhibit?

Only your own original work, or fine art prints of your work, may be exhibited on the Trail.

5. I don’t have a studio

Whilst we are an ‘Open Studio’ Trail, we are very careful in all publicity, to refer to an artist’s ‘workspace’, ‘working environment’, ‘creative space’ or ‘Venue’. This is to infer that visitors may find an artist creating in all kinds of environment. It is often inspirational to a visitor to see that it is possible to create in a small area of a home and that an ‘all singing, all dancing’ studio is not always necessary!

6. Premises

While it is preferred that artists open their own studio, workplace or home for the Trail, it is evident that not all artists have a Venue suitable to invite hundreds of visitors! In this situation an eligible artist may join one other artist in their Venue, or you can hire a suitable Venue within the Trail area.

7. Sharing

A maximum of 2 artists may share a Venue. This preserves the working studio atmosphere and ethos of Chichester Open Studios Art Trail and also supports the artists who choose to open their studios alone.

The above does not apply to Venues which are studio complexes, where an artist has a regular studio space. In the case of a studio complex, all artists working at the site must register for the Trail.

Galleries or art spaces promoting the work of other artists at the same time as the Trail, cannot participate.

Artists, for a variety of different reasons, may benefit from inviting another artist to share their Venue. An artist wishing to share, or offer a place for one other artist in their studio, can contact us with their details and we will attempt to match you up.

8. Each artist is required to register and pay as an individual

9. Cost

The fee for joining the 2021 Trail is to be confirmed. The fee for 2020 was £95 per artist.

  • Each artist has an entry in the Art Trail Guide; in 2020, 23,000 of these were made available to artists for distribution.
  • The information from the artist’s registration form is uploaded to the website. Each artist has a webpage with 3 images, an artist’s statement, description of work, location and directions to their studio.
  • All Venue requirements are included and Art Trail signs to direct your visitors.
  • There are social media sites, a blog, website features and regular Newsletters to artists. Artists may send information to add to the online marketing.
  • An Art Trail Preview Exhibition, with a piece of work by every Trail artist, is held at the Oxmarket Gallery. This serves as a taster for visitors in the run up to the Trail, and also as a gathering for participating artists.

Please note: An additional fee will be charged to process subsequent alterations to registration details after the deadline. Registration fees are non refundable. We cannot refund this fee for any reason – it covers the administrative cost of processing your registration and contributes towards costs of organising the event.

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