For the love of a pineapple

Now the website is complete and we are into the run-up for the Trail we would like to look at some of the artists in more detail. The first of these Gaynor Dickeson –  Venue 108 – in Bosham – a botanical artist who has taken part in the Trail for a number of years.

Gaynor 280714 Small1.Pineapple 2015 +sig crop2.IMG_2147

I am a botanical artist and towards the end of last year I received a commission to paint a pineapple.

The project started in January right after Christmas. The first pineapple in particular had to be a perfect specimen, forming the basis of the picture. I trawled around shops in Chichester and found my perfect specimen – Fairtrade from Ghana. No botanical subject lasts for long, thus the need for several specimens.

The end result was an artwork accepted and a continued appreciation of juicy pineapples.

After over 160 concentrated working hours, plus eating all of the 6 pineapples involved in the project, I still love pineapples!

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