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Information for artists

Hello and welcome! This information is particularly for artists new to the Trail or those who have not participated for a while. We are delighted that you have decided to join us and hope you will find it a positive and enjoyable experience.

Susie Olford


Guide for new artists

What is the Trail?

It is a very effective framework of organisation and publicity that promotes and supports artists in the Chichester area.

It is an unparalleled opportunity for artists to present their work, in the inspiring context of their creative environment, to large numbers of interested and purchasing visitors.

We all benefit from being part of a critical mass of artists presenting our art to the public – we are noticed!

Jade Smith

Sculpture, Metal and Found Objects

Guide for new artists

How does it work?

You may have been an Art Trail visitor, and perhaps that is what has inspired you to join. If so, you will know that the Trail is a mapping of artists’ Venues covering an area from the Downs to the sea, from the edge of Emsworth to Elmer, and with the city in the middle!

The Trail Guide, with its maps of each area showing Venue locations, is our main publicity vehicle. It enables visitors to chose which artists they would like to see and to plan a route for their days out visiting.

Each artist has a profile in the Guide, giving directions to your Venue, with an image and a brief description of your artwork. Plenty of these easily recognisable Art Trail Guides will be made available to you for distribution.

You will have your own page on the Art Trail website. It presents the information you gave on your registration form; 3 images, an artist’s statement, your contact details and directions to your Venue. Artists can be searched by name, type of work or location.

Social media sites showing artists’ work and events, artist features and resources on the website, together with blog posts, all help to maintain a year round online presence for Trail artists and keep visitors informed.

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Guide for new artists

Preview Exhibition

To herald the coming of the Trail at the beginning of May, we hold a Preview Exhibition at the Oxmarket during the third week in April.

Everyone provides a piece of work for this show. It serves as a taster for visitors to make a choice about which artists to see and then to plan their route. There is a Launch Party for artists on the first evening.

After the Preview Exhibition closes, we have the rest of the week to make the final touches to our Venues (and work!), before the big day on the following Saturday.

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Guide for new artists

What you need to know


We do all we can to promote the Trail and support our artists via advertising in the Press and online, providing signs, posters, flyers and Trail Guides.

Your own added efforts to market your Venue, and your work, will serve to increase your visitor numbers and the enjoyment of your Trail experience.

Publicity resources will be available on the website; flyers/poster to email, some copy, the logo and images suitable for Social Media. This post is being updated and you will be notified by Newsletter when it is ready.


You will be supplied with signs to ensure visitors can locate you. At your Venue, be sure to provide clear directions for entry and exit to and from your working space; even when obvious, visitors can get lost!

Collection Day

A Saturday in early April is set aside for the collection of all you need for your Venue – signs, clickers, posters, flyers and Trail Guides. This is also a social event for those who would like to stay awhile and meet other artists.

Setting up your Trail venue

The idea behind the Open Studios Art Trail is for the public to see your work in the context of its creation. Visitors love to gain an insight into your working practice, the tools you use, the process and details of making; it becomes accessible, adding meaning and associations to your work.

So do intrigue them with a flavour of your creative environment, work in progress, sketches or studies. Of course, selling is also most desirable so clear labelling, pricing and/or a list of any work for sale is a good plan!

During the Trail

The weekend arrives, you have all of your work out, clicker at the ready, kettle on for tea – and nobody comes! Three hours later visitors trickle in.

Alternatively visitors are queuing at the door at 10.30am. This is the way things are; the Trail is different for each artist. For some there are plenty of sales, for others the success is in the courage to share your creations with an audience that has specifically sought to find you.

Participating in the Trail is an experience in itself; there will always be the pleasure of inspiring talks with appreciative visitors, ideas for new directions, connections to be made and an opportunity to appraise how your work is received by your audience.

We would like you to note visitor numbers (a clicker counter will be provided) and also a record of any sales. There will be a form supplied for you to fill out during the Trail days and then to submit online.

This is to provide us with data regarding the effectiveness of the Trail as a whole and to help us make any positive changes to optimise the event. It also gives us valuable real data to encourage new artists and advertisers; the fees are the only source of income for our not-for-profit organisation. (Please note, individual details will be entirely confidential).

Keeping in touch with your fans

A book to collect email contact addresses and comments, as well as a supply of business cards, will help you keep track of visitors who are enthusiastic about your work and may like to be informed of future Trails, exhibitions etc.

About your work

You could have an artist’s biography, a statement of work and details of your creative processes for interested visitors to read.


It is your own choice whether or not to provide refreshments. Some artists provide tea and coffee, some even cake, and wine. A cuppa can often encourage a visitor to feel at home and chat a bit longer about your work.

Safety Guidance

An artist’s working environment can pose hazards to visitors. The Trail Guide will carry a disclaimer to the effect that visitors enter at their own risk and we will provide a pdf that you can print out and display in your studio if you wish.

Safety guidance suggestions will be available on the website. The post is currently being updated and you will be notified in a Newsletter, when it is ready.


Where possible, lock all doors not being used or use PRIVATE/NO ENTRY signs.
It is perhaps not advisable to let strangers have free access to the house to use the loo.

Wear something with pockets for money, or a money belt.

And finally …

Diary Dates

All important dates in the Trail timeline are always available on the site. Diary Dates


We will keep in touch with you via monthly Newsletters, letting you know what is happening on the organisational side, anything we need from you and when it is required. All Newsletters will be added to the website as Blog posts, to keep the information readily available for you.

Art Trail Buddies

We are asking seasoned Trail artists to offer a guiding hand to new artists. If you feel this would be helpful to you, email and we will aim to match you up with a Buddy

We are here to support and promote you and are sure you will enjoy participating in this year’s Trail! If there is anything else you would like to know, do contact us at

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