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A studio interview with Vincent Gray

Vincent works in his studio at The Courtyard, in Chilgrove, so we only had to pop round the corner to see him and make the next in our Artist Interview series.

You’re bound to have come across Vincent’s work! Each silent presence nobly inhabits a corner of our city, waiting to be discovered. Keats sits outside Carluccio’s, inviting you to join him on the bench, The Mime can be seen in the Cloisters’ Café garden throughout the summer and Maurice Patten is soon to arrive in the Memorial garden.

You can visit Vincent at Venue 33 in this year’s Trail in May, and in the meantime there is more of his work to be seen at


... I only need look outside to feel uplifted and creative.
Nicola Hancock

How long have you been at this studio and what do you like most about it?

Vincent Gray

I have occupied a studio at The Courtyard for three years. The setting and location afford me a great deal of joy and calm and I love to interact with the other artists who have their practices here. I also enjoy observing the changing seasons and the abundance of flora and fauna.

Nicola Hancock

What is a normal day in the studio like for you?

Vincent Gray

A normal day is usually busy. I arrive at my studio with focus and a clear vision of what I would like to achieve. Sometimes my day is punctuated by an invitation to lunch with Nicola and Terry from the adjoining studios, or a beer tasting with Adrian in his micro-brewery next door!

DSC_0073 copy
Nicola Hancock

How have you adapted the studio to assist and develop your artistic practice? What changes to your studio, that you are unable to make, would you make if possible?

Vincent Gray

The first improvement I made was to put in a bench that runs the length of the studio which creates a great storage facility underneath. Apart from this fixed bench all other benches are on wheels in order to give flexibility to my operation. I have two large turntables, one of which is central to the main workshop area. I have a meet and greet room which doubles as an office and kitchen, a gallery/studio and a workshop area.

Immediately outside the workshop door I have a hard standing which I utilise often. I also have the possibility to exhibit my work within the courtyard. The outside tap is an absolute blessing when it comes to washing out moulds and mixing plaster.

An internal sink and loo would be a luxury!

Nicola Hancock

When you are creatively lost or frustrated how does the studio inspire you?

Vincent Gray

I keep the studio stocked with a variety of materials including modelling wax, clay, plaster, alginate, glass fibre, metal and wood so I can act immediately, if I find inspiration. I only need look outside to feel uplifted and creative. We have red kites circling overhead, deer meandering over the fields and pheasant pecking at the ground. A herd of cows kept me company through last summer too.

Nicola Hancock

What projects are you working on at the moment in the studio?

Vincent Gray

I am currently creating a Grecian Classic ‘Cupid with a bow’, for an international design company, which I will model at 3/4 life-size, mould, and cast in GRP. This is one of several classics I have produced by commission. I have recently started a life size Nelson and Murray sculpture for Chichester.

Nicola Hancock

What is a ‘studio’ to you?

Vincent Gray

My idea of a working studio is a space where one can create and make, ideally with height and light. I am extremely resourceful and enjoy the challenge of being creative with space, with my approach and with my knowledge and experience. I carry out every process myself, but from time to time I call in an assistant, as I enjoy passing on some of these skills.

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