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The Oxmarket Preview Exhibition

To herald the coming of the Trail at the beginning of May, we hold a Preview Exhibition at the Oxmarket during the third week in April. Everyone provides a piece of work for this show. It really helps visitors make a choice about which artists to see, which Venues to visit and to plan their Trail route.

Important Dates & Times for 2021

  • Monday 19th April, 9.00am – 10.30am  Drop off your exhibition piece for hanging day at the Oxmarket.
  • Tuesday 20th April, 6.30pm  Artists’ Launch Party with a brief meeting at 7pm.
  • Tuesday 20th to Sunday 25th April Exhibition open to the public for the week.
  • Sunday 25th April after 4pm  Exhibition closing time. Collect any unsold work from the Oxmarket from 4.00 – 4.30pm

Work to Submit & Labelling Information

Everyone contributes artwork to this exhibition which previews and launches the Trail.

  • Paintings or flat artwork – One piece only, of maximum size 100cm x 100cm
  • 3D work – One or two pieces, maximum table, floor or plinth area 60cm x 60cm
  • Jewellery – There are a lot of Jewellers; we hope to give everyone a shelf 40cm x 40cm in a lockable display case. Final presentation decisions, to accommodate everyone, will be made on hanging day.


Jewellers may supply and use their own labelling appropriate to the size and style of work. However, a label will be supplied with your name and Venue number if you do wish to add this to your display.

All other 2020 artists, are asked to provide label information by Friday 3rd April so that they can be printed in time for the show.


No substitutions of work can be permitted after the label information has been submitted.

Your artwork should also be labelled on the reverse/base, with the same information, so that we can identify it on hanging day.

Create your artwork label/s

* Your Name:

* Email Address:

* Artwork Title:

* Artwork Medium:

* Artwork Price (in £):

* Venue Number:

I work in 3D and have two pieces to display.

* Artwork 2 Title:

* Artwork 2 Medium:

* Artwork 2 Price (in £):

Sizing, Hanging, Pricing & Insurance

HANGING DAY on Monday 

Bring your work to the Oxmarket between 9.00 and 10.30am. You will be welcomed by one of the Trail committee members and you can leave your work for us to hang or display.

Hanging and display

  • Flat artwork must be prepared, ready to hang, with D rings, no cord or wire needed.
  • Ideally, for the Oxmarket’s hanging system, the D rings are best fixed 1/4 way down the sides.
  • Work will be curated and hung by the Trail committee, with the exception of Jewellers who can set up their own display.
  • Label your work on the base or reverse, with the same label information you are sending above, so that we can identify it.


All work is to be for sale and the Oxmarket takes a modest 15% handling fee on works sold. Sales will be processed by the Oxmarket and payments available within 2-3 weeks.


You are liable for your own insurance if you wish to have cover. Any loss or breakage is not covered by the Oxmarket.

Artist Launch Party


With celebratory air, the Launch Party will be the springboard for the Chichester Open Studios Art Trail 2021! It is an opportunity to experience the heart of the Trail; to meet all other participating artists, sample the diversity of work and talent in our area and, we hope, to feel supported in your own Art Trail endeavours.

Come along to see the exhibition between 6.30 – 8.00pm and we will have a brief meeting for artists at 7pm.

The Launch Party is an event for Trail artists; it is not a Private View for the public. If you do wish to bring a guest, they may attend at a charge of £10 each.

Alexandra Beale

Figurative sculptures for the house & garden

The Exhibition

Exhibition open to the public Tuesday to Sunday.

Do make a point of visiting during the week with friends, relatives or any art loving members of the public that you might like to encourage to see local artists’ work and to be a Trail Goer.

Stewards – It is always nice, as a visitor, to be greeted by an exhibiting artist, so if you feel able to be present at the exhibition for a couple of hours, you can sign up for the steward rota which will be on the door of the Gallery during the Launch Party.
The Oxmarket staff will be in attendance during the exhibition too.

Collect any unsold work on Sunday, after exhibition closing time, from 4.00 – 4.30pm at the Oxmarket.

After the Preview Exhibition closes, we artists then have the rest of the week to make the final touches to our Venues (and work!), before the big day the following Saturday.

If you have any queries, or need more information, do email us info@chichesterarttrail.org

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