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If you haven’t heard of Love Where You Live, it is just the sort of resource that Chichester artists, the Art Trail and its visitors can really benefit from knowing about! Here is an interview with Vicki Meddows-Smith the founder of Love Where You Live.

The work of individual artists sits very well within such a visually pleasing platform; each profile providing valued exhibition space for the promotion of an artist’s work. Set yourself up a listing! You’ll have some free, beautifully presented marketing.

... We invite all participating artists to have a listing on the site where they can showcase their preferred works.
Nicola Hancock

What is Love Where You Live?

Vicki Meddows-Smith

It is an online hub; a dynamic solution to keeping visitors and residents up to date with the variety that Chichester and its community have to offer them.

So, as a way to join the dots between artist and visitors, Love Where You Live is a great place to discover what the Art Trail is about, when it is on and where. It is also a research tool for those out on the Trail during the first two weekends in May planning which artists they would like to visit.

Screenshot 2019-03-20 at 21.13.53
Nicola Hancock

Can you tell us a bit more?

Vicki Meddows-Smith

We invite all participating artists to have a listing on the site where they can showcase their preferred works in a series of images, add a description, links to their website and social media and a location with map.

The Trail, too, has its own presence to show samples of artists’ work, links to artists’ own listings and to the Art Trail website as well.

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Nicola Hancock

How can an artist create their own listing on Love Where You Live?

Vicki Meddows-Smith

You can have your own micro-site on Love Where you Live by adding your own directory listing.

If you already have a one, log-in top right, then click on Manage Listings on the right hand side to open and edit it.

If you have any problems just drop us a mail to

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Nicola Hancock

Will we appear on the home page!

Vicki Meddows-Smith

We will add the Art Trail into the LWYL calendar as one overall event. Any artist who is listed on LWYL will be linked into this event.

(We kindly ask you not to add individual events for the Art Trail as there are so many of you the calendar would get a bit swamped!)

Prior to the event and throughout its duration, we will give the Art Trail a prime publicity spot by running an Art Trail banner on the home page which will link up to, and feature, all the artists listed.

Screenshot 2019-03-20 at 21.39.48
Nicola Hancock

Are there any other features?

Vicki Meddows-Smith

Yes, the Art Trail will appear in the Chi Chit Chat from time to time and is also represented in a nutshell, under the Twog tab. (A Twog being a combination of short items like a Tweet and longer items as in a Blog!)

We will also feature the Art Trail and the Oxmarket Preview Exhibition, in our newsletter nearer the time.



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Nicola Hancock

And finally...

Vicki Meddows-Smith

Love Where You Live is delighted to support the Art Trail again this year.

If you don’t yet receive the newsletter, do sign up for your own copy.

We wish you a successful Art Trail and I look forward to meeting many of you in May.