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I was talking to someone the other day about having time to do (my own) online marketing and realised that I make it part of my practice. It can be research, or a visual diary, and even give you back your own artistic style and identity, as you see your creations gathered into one visual framework. Social media engagement is richer by far than just marketing…plus, what you discover of yourself, is transmitted onwards to share with others.

Although the 2020 Art Trail will sadly not take place on the ground, it is still fully formed in an online reality…we all, artists and organisers, have worked hard to make that a real possibility. While we have this breathing space, it may be the time to broach the mystifying realms of Online Marketing!  It is well worth pulling out all the possible stops to keep our interested audience informed about what we are creating; when it is safe to receive visitors again, they will be hungry for their art!

To that end, we will be using the Trail social media platforms to promote our own website and 2020 Online Trail.

For the next in our Artist Resources series, I have called upon Studio Website Design, and the expertise of Aelred and Liz Wilkinson, to give a short treatise on the ins and outs and benefits of marketing your work online.

... Enjoy it – there is some great art out there, and yours can be there as well.
Nicola Hancock

If an artist is wishing to reach a wider audience, do you feel there are benefits in making the time and commitment to market artwork online? 

Studio Website Design

A wise man* reminded us of the old adage “we know that 50% of our marketing spend is wasted. We just don’t know which 50%”.

What is next for your body of artwork ? How do you put it before the wider world? Traditional methods such as leaflets tend to reach a limited audience. Online marketing can help you present your artwork to an international, national, regional, or a wider local audience. You can market your artwork and website from your studio, in your own time, and on your own terms. All it takes is your time.

Nicola Hancock

Can you summarise the various online marketing platforms and how each is used?

Studio Website Design

The following made us smile and contains some truth:

  • Facebook …. I like cake
  • Twitter .… I am eating cake
  • Instagram .… Here’s a photo of a cake that I made
  • Pinterest .… Here’s an amazing photo and recipe for a cake
  • LinkedIn .… I have the skills to bake a cake
  • Google + …. I am a baking geek who loves talking about cake
  • You Tube .… Watch me eat cake

Each of these online marketing platforms will have their own advocates and critics. Our current recommendation for artists is Instagram and Twitter. These are both visual and have a large artist community. If you are already a Facebook user you may simply continue with that.

Nicola Hancock

Where on earth do you start?!

Studio Website Design

You will need a suitable device (laptop, tablet) and for some platforms (i.e. Instagram) you will need a smart phone (a larger one makes it easier).

One way would be to use some images of your work and simply dip your toe in the water to become familiar with your chosen platform and then start to develop your strategy as you find your style and voice.

Or you can first create a website and market your work by linking the site to all your social media platforms.

Keeping your website looking smart, professional and up to date with your latest artwork and events, is a way of presenting exactly what you want to say about yourself in terms of text, images and overall message; it is your online portfolio. You can make it easy for visitors to contact you and add an artist’s blog to share your news and keep the site active.

Nicola Hancock

What next?

Studio Website Design

To give you an idea, follow these links to our promotion.

You do not need to know anything about the platforms, or have anything set up to follow these links – just click and browse! You can see how work is presented on each and which one appeals to you.

The objective of your social media effort is to gain more visitors to your site or connections to those interested in your work via direct messaging on the platform itself.

Nicola Hancock

How does an artist begin to gain a following?

Studio Website Design

You already have something of interest to others online – your artwork, either images or your website. You just need to find your voice for your audience to follow.

To find your voice you need to socially engage.

This can be as simple as responding to other’s posts; Liking, Sharing, Following, ReTweeting other artists or galleries that are of interest to you.

  • Write comments.
  • Say thank-you to followers.
  • Post regularly.
  • You can vary postings by showing sketches, work in progress, your gallery presence.
  • See what works for other artists.

Really just be yourself, do what you do, like what you like!

Nicola Hancock

Do you have any other thoughts or tips that might be helpful for an artist wishing to promote their work in these ways?

Studio Website Design

For your website, find a designer with a portfolio of artists that understands your requirements! Well, at Studio Website Design for Artists, we would say that wouldn’t we…however it is still true!

You will also need good photographs of your work for display on your website and social media pages. Low quality, blurred images present a negative impression of you and your work. Some of our artists use professional photographers.

Make time to promote your work. Build it into your routine. Relax. Enjoy it – there is some great art out there, and yours can be there as well.

If there is anything above that is of interest then please do not hesitate to get in contact. There is no hard sell. We have barely scratched the surface of online marketing here – we simply offer the flavour of a few thoughts that may be helpful in your own deliberations.


Studio Website Design

Our own social media promotion for Studio Website Design was a response to requests from our artists saying “Now I have my website, how do I get more visitors to my site?” We now launch a new site and then promote both site and artwork as well as support an artist’s own Social Media presence.

At Studio Website Design, before we started promoting our artists’ work, we looked online for ideas and resources. As you can imagine there is plenty of help available. Before we set up any social media accounts we drew up a mind map for our Marketing Strategy - setting out our objectives, platforms, content plans, available time etc. If you are interested contact us below and we will provide further details of the resources we used and a screen shot of our mind map.

We offer an easy, comprehensive, one-stop website design service for artists and art groups. We then promote your website and artwork on our social media platforms at no additional cost.

If you interested please contact us or visit our website and complete the Quick Quote on our Contact page.




* the wise man was Terry Hancock of ReFrame Chichester.

P.S. Do have a look at the Art Trail Instagram and Facebook promotions. Both are gathering momentum now and raising awareness of our presence and the very real art that is due to be on view very soon!