Threading through the landscape

Carol Naylor - venue 58 - Paints beautiful landscapes in various threads producing machine embroidered textiles. She is able to capture the fleeting nuances of colour through intricate colour mixing of threads on canvas.

Carol studied at Goldsmiths Art School. She creates richly textured, undulating landscapes by using her sewing machine as a tool for drawing and painting.

She is currently working on a number of pieces inspired by a visit to Lordington Lavender Fields, where the heady combination of scent, colour and light proved irresistible.

She is showcasing some of these at the trail, with other pieces going to Primavera Gallery in Cambridge, and Art in Action, Waterperry. She will also be showing work at ArtExpo2015 in Milan from July to September. Her award winning textiles have been widely exhibited throughout Europe and in the USA.

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