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We are always extremely grateful to our supporters, and especially this year - they are sticking by us through thick and thin.
Thank you all and we hope we are a support to you too!

Our Supporters

With Special Thanks To The Following

Our Supporters

Selsey Press

Particular thanks are due to Selsey Press who do such a great job of printing our thousands of Trail Guides. There is more about Selsey Press, and how they keep us green, on the Blog.

Selsey Press

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Our Supporters

Trail Guide Stockists

We would also like to express our appreciation to these popular, central locations for holding a stock of Trail Guides to keep our many visitors in plentiful supply.

Our Supporters

Festival Of Chichester

Due to the uncertain nature of events in 2021, it happens that our new summer Trail dates fall under the umbrella of the Festival of Chichester.

Festival of Chichester

We are very pleased have the chance to be included in this celebration of the arts this year, and it is a great help in promoting our unusual 2021 dates.

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...and last but not least

Chichester Observer

A very big thank you to Chichester Observer who always back us, and have promoted us throughout the good times – and the tricky times too.

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