Mark Gatehouse

24 Wiston Avenue, Stockbridge, West Sussex PO19 8RJ

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Mark Gatehouse

Varied watercolour and acrylic painting; autobiographical, landscape, abstracts based on growing up in Chichester, West Wittering and the Downs.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Since training as a photographer and Art Teacher at P.C.L. and the Institute of Education (U.C.L.), Mark has worked as a lecturer and commercial photographer in London and the South East. Successfully exhibiting work has been a thread throughout his career, finding the feedback and inspiration for further work. For the last few years he has focussed on developing his mixed media and acrylic practice. Mark photographs what he cannot paint and paints what he cannot photograph. Most of the recent work displayed is at best loosely figurative, concerned more with the use of gesture and colour, inviting personal readings. He is concerned with the state of society, interpersonal relationships, the workings of the mind and aberration. Frequently using humour to ask difficult questions. Mark is particularly interested in Outsider Art, work that is made to explore and express personal issues, work through turmoil and crisis as necessity for personal survival and integrity. His paintings are often inspired by growing up in West Wittering and the Downs. He soaks up references from Palaeolithic art to Tracey Emin, processes and coughs up something original using a scary tray of techniques and materials, including plastic eyes and trousers.

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