Miranda Mayne

28, Charlton, West Sussex PO18 0HU

Miranda Mayne

Gouache and oil paintings of garden, local and other landscapes.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I have always immersed myself in art. My Great Grandfather was a Royal Academician and supported his family by painting. My mother set up easels for us to play with paint and charcoal almost before we could walk. At first I followed the career of my father and qualified as an Architect setting up a partnership in Brighton. I believe this discipline in design underpins my sense of light, space, composition and proportion. Later on I took a PGCE in Art and Design and taught art and photography at a large comprehensive school in East Sussex. During this time I attended many painting courses and visited hundreds of exhibitions. I learnt all the rules and then discovered how to break them! I now prioritise time and energy to developing and expressing my own work. I take inspiration from walking locally, the garden and travelling. I tend to begin by working observationally playing with mark making and gouache. I then progress to abstracting shapes and simplifying the form in oil. Quite simply I love layering paint and the clash between contrivance and accident.

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