Henrietta Smith

Merston Studios at St Giles, Merston PO20 1ED

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Henrietta Smith

Collage, works on paper and custom made jewellery.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

These collages emerged from a love for the art of the past – especially the Rennaisance and northern European painting. The relationship of the figures to the buildings really appealed to me. I was then drawn to other paintings using a similar format, for example Indian miniatures, their flatness and architectural format framing the figures lending them perfectly to the medium of collage. In these paintings I am particularly fascinated by the use of scale and proportion – the relationship of the seemingly small buildings to the relatively large figures occupying the painted space. Never does this appear odd, it all seems perfectly normal. Collage is a medium I love, using up found scraps from magazines and often incongruous elements to describe the image afresh. I attended Wimbledon and Camberwell School of Art and the Slade from 1964 to 1971.

Additional Information

07990 825335

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