Michelle Watson

Buckleys, Forestside, Rowlands Castle, West Sussex PO9 6ED

Michelle Watson

Assorted oil paintings and drawings of the female form and portraiture.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

A manikin of self-expression

Personal emotions play a definitive role in my work. As I question my own emotional status over time and my body changes physically, the paintings reflect my response. The two become one. Our bodies are often viewed in part; we can infill the blanks ourselves, as we know the format. A little information can sometimes be enough to suggest the whole image. The fractured pieces in my paintings are where my focus lies at the time of conception.
On experiencing an emotional response to a close family member, my attention turned to that of the mind. What goes on behind the face, what gives way to the expression that we all see? How do we recognise any mental health issues or unease. The faces in my paintings show little if any emotion. Sometimes we need to take more than a fragment of time to look deep into someone’s eyes to try to understand what thoughts are really taking place.

Additional Information

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