Chérie Lubbock

The Studio, Sindles Farm, Aldsworth, West Sussex PO10 8QS

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Chérie Lubbock

Abstract sculpture, painting, printmaking and film based on assemblage and fragility, with a playful element.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Embracing the history within found materials, Chérie Lubbock combines constructed elements in paper pulp, silicon, plaster and metal. Her sculptures instil a sense of fun and exist as a foil to residues of pain. Many of her pieces are delicately balanced and are deliberately fragile, referencing the tightrope we walk between sense and nonsense, desire and fear. She formulates her sculpture so that a precarious point of balance is always in question, as if any small change could bring about collapse. Brightly coloured Plasticine fragments highlight the absurdity of life.

Assemblage continues to form an essential role in Lubbock’s practice, with sculpture, animation and audio being combined in installations. While figuration is hinted at, Lubbock is more concerned with articulating aspects of the human spirit which exist independent of the body. Since completing an MFA at West Dean College, she has recently taken on a studio in Aldsworth where she also explores painting and printmaking.

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