Martin Smith

4 Canterbury Close, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 5DD

Martin Smith

Ambitiously novel intensely coloured precision hybrid abstraction/landscape paintings, as originals and as affordable Fine Art Prints. The work is challenging and refreshing.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

In the mid-sixties I was spurred to enter the field by three exhibitions of works of Francis Bacon, Bridget Riley and JWM Turner, who each seemed to a sixteen year old to have a grip on the elemental. Francis Bacon's statement that the indispensable aspect of your work must be sensation- sealed it. As a Painting Student at Chelsea School of Art from 1968 to 1971 I found you could attempt anything. I was attracted to and explored Three dimensional installation, printmaking, photography, film, and Painting. I became convinced that the issue of extending the boundary of the established tradition of Painting was of greater significance and challenge than the adoption of a "new" material to provide superficial technical novelty, when the central problem would always be to present authentically personal work that exists on its own terms while remaining actually accessible. Recent experience of collaboration with clients has been stimulating with no loss to me of the personal element. I find site specific projects interesting and rewarding and am happy to accept site specific commissions on a collaborative basis. My work is evolving and is a source of pleasure and excitement, and hopefully, sensation.

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