Martin Smith

4 Canterbury close, Chichester, West Sussex, West Sussex PO19 5DD

Martin Smith

Precise colour paintings; abstract, semi-landscape and portraits, collaborative commissions welcome. Fine Art prints available.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

To take a journey in art is to follow a path that is never ending. Most of my ideas come from the natural world, I still find myself getting excited and inspired by the most ordinary of things. Most of my pieces are coil built, however no process is ruled out, there is always the constant exploration of different techniques using new materials. I particularly like unpredictability, each vessel I make is a surprise, as most of my work is an experiment of processes. Material exploration has been a large part of my creative process. I started by making “triffids” in earthenware, then swapping to raku and experimenting with paper clay. The involvement of other clay types and other processes has been a primary source of inspiration. My “triffids” are constantly evolving into new shapes and different colours. There are also a number of new vessels, some in stoneware with extruded decoration, some made from porcelain, part mould and part hand formed, plaques, some with glass decoration and some new glazes. Who knows where things will lead me this year.

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