Bill Wilcox

77 Stein Road, Southbourne, West Sussex PO10 8LR

Bill Wilcox

Drawings, photos, prints, collages, books, paintings, constructions inspired by nature.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Visit 77 Stein Road and you'll be in a work of art - 'gARTdens'. Yes, there'll be drawings, photos, collages, prints, books, paintings and the odd construction to see, but also flowers, shrubs, trees and birds, because, for this artist, the whole garden is my studio and a work that has evolved over the last 20 years. There's an art trail - guided if you wish - that takes you into the heart of it all, my small workshop and studio.
It's nothing grand, just a small suburban garden, and if you're looking for another immaculate one, forget it. And if your taste is for realistic scenes or portraits, forget that, too (although some of my photos are pretty good). My work is all abstract in the modernist idiom. It has its roots in cubism, constructivism, surrealism and abstract expressionism. I like structure but also freedom and I like to think that the best of the work has been produced in collaboration with nature, allowing materials and situations to have their own say rather than have my selfish, blinkered ego imposed on them. I aim to produce work that I find new and interesting to look at. that sparks my imagination...and, hopefully, yours too.

Additional Information

Have a look at my Artist Interview here on the Trail website - click through on the 'Resources' tab above.

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