Peter Moseley

27, St James Road, Chichester PO19 7HX

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Peter Moseley

I will be showing works demonstrating old (nineteenth century) and contemporary methods of photographic printmaking, including: photogravure etchings, platinum, kallitype and cyanotype prints.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I am an experienced photographer and printmaker using the techniques and processes of the nineteenth century, including photogravure, platinum, salt and albumen, carbon transfer, kallitype and cyanotype printing. I specialise in combining digital and analogue technologies and my work has been shown at national and regional galleries, including the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Society of Printmakers Painters. I make mainly portraits where I aim to make the physicality of people more accessible, their variety more curious, their experience more evident, and their skin and bodies sources of enquiry and sensuous interest. The early photographic processes I use exhibit an aesthetic and stylistic ‘richness’ of presence that is missing from some modern prints and I teach these old photographic techniques at West Dean, universities and colleges and studios in London.

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