Carol Naylor

2 Jubilee Road, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 7XB

Carol Naylor

Richly stitched machine embroidered textiles that explore qualities of colour, texture, and light observed in land, sea and sky.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

All my work is carried out on a domestic sewing machine, working usually directly on to painters canvas. Intensive, continual stitching changes the base fabric from a flat surface to one that moves and undulates with its own unique quality. The sculptural qualities in larger works, and loops and textures caused by tension and thread changes are an integral part of the process. I find that this technique gives me a more painterly approach to textile art. Drawing freely with the sewing machine needle provides the marks a paintbrush or pencil would make, and the richly coloured threads offer a wide and exciting palette. My sketchbooks are my diaries, recording places, memories, and ideas. My work is about the exploration of surface and mark making. The surface of the fabric that I stitch onto is manipulated and changed by the techniques I employ, whilst the surface of the land provides me with visual stimuli that I seek not to emulate, but to investigate. Texture, colour and shadows with contrasting shafts of light are explored through these heavily stitched surfaces that undergo subtle changes depending on the onlookers point of view I look, I draw, I select and I translate.

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