Michael Meech

Langley, Denmans Lane, Fontwell, BN18 0SU

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Michael Meech

There are dragons, wizards, witches, fairies and monsters in Fontwell! Porcelain sculpture with a twist of fantasy and a squeeze of macabre.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Why do I like Wizards? They are intelligent, egotistical loners with poor social skills….and I feel at home with that list. Wizards, witches, mythical creatures, gnarly monsters, fairies and travellers, captured in space between our dreams and reality and brought into being in sculpture. My ceramic sculptures are crafted in porcelain. Each model is hand formed and building in place, refining forms, muscular definition and adding much of the detail as it progresses. Once the main construction is complete final adjustments and additional details are added. This process is usually over several days or weeks. Each model is then air dried slowly over a few weeks before the first firing, once cooled and light wash of black porcelain slip is applied and wiped back. The model is then re fired to full temperature to complete the sculpture. The mixed media sculptures start with an aluminium wire frame and a wooden base. The main form is then built up using a two-pack epoxy clay with a variety of other material used as necessary. Each sculpture is then hand painted using both an airbrush and traditional brushes with water-based paints and sealed with a clear top coat.

Additional Information

Tel - 07881565953
Email - art@michaelmeech.co.uk
facebook - michael meech artist
instagram - michael_meech
Patreon - pattern.com/michaelmeech

See more at michaelmeech.co.uk

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