Jo Strain

The Studio, Hop Garden Cottage, Westergate Street, Westergate PO20 3RJ

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Jo Strain

Mixed media jewellery which explores colour, texture and materials such as gemstones, handmade felt, rubber, glass and ceramic beads, wood, textiles and found objects.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Jo Strain is a designer/maker of mixed media jewellery. She incorporates an ever growing range of media into her pieces including gemstones, handmade felt, glass and ceramic beads, wood, textiles and found objects. Jo is currently exploring the possibilities of EPDM rubber as part of her designs. Colour, contrasting textures, materials and comfort are central to her design process. Her sketch book is always to hand. New materials, collaborations with artists from other fields and constraints such as designing bold light weight pieces are key sources of inspiration. She creates unique pieces, individual commissions and occasionally small run jewellery collections.

Additional Information

Phone: 07917 716289

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