Elsie Green

The Water Tower, Graylingwell Park, Blomfield Drive, Chichester PO19 6BZ

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Elsie Green

Striking paintings of woodland subjects in black-and-white, ideal for modern decor. Charming limited-edition handmade prints, all at affordable prices.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

My work has many influences, from Buddhist philosophy to Abstract Expressionism. When I make, I try to see everything afresh, to capture the impact of what I see. A particular instant of light in the woodland is just one second in the whole of history, so I use photography to capture that. The image arises from a mix of a sense of wonder, an understanding of materials, hard work and experience. I aim for emotional truth and also to make people happy: it’s an innocent aim, but true to who I am.

Additional Information

Instagram: elsiegreenart

See more at www.elsiegreenartist.co.uk

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