Perdi Goldsmith

10 The Wad, West Wittering, West Sussex PO20 8AH

Perdi Goldsmith

Vibrant watercolours, specialising in florals, gardens, coastal, landscapes. Themes 'A Garden is ...' and 'People at Work'. Printed cards

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Painting for me is all absorbing, a world made bright by light and colour. seasons studied and interpreted, the fleeting moment of flowers captured in paints. Tranquil gardens full of scent and birdsong. Quirky corners, old broken pots with the sun catching their top edges. I live by the coast so the sea and harbour feature a lot!

I have always made and/or created things but watercolour is my first love. I love that moment of if you add just a bit more paint, is it that magic moment or disaster! I also run watercolour workshops through the Autumn and winter, locally.

Additional Information

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