Isabel Dodson

12 Mill Lane, Fishbourne, West Sussex PO19 3JN

Isabel Dodson

Landscape in a variety of sizes and media.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I live on the fringe of Chichester Harbour - a tidal backwater. Its quiet edges and marginal land are a great source of inspiration - nature at work in subtle ways - shifting mud banks, changing foreshores, colonising trees and reed beds, flotsam and jetsam, the daily rhythm of ebb and flow.
Man’s intervention - walls and ditches, causeways, quays and jetties, land reclamation are also fertile ground for work which inevitably reflects an awareness of current thinking on global warming.
With the aid of sketch books, camera, words and verses I seek to interpret these many elements into my work using a variety of media and formats - whatever seems appropriate.

Additional Information

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