Vincent Gray

Vincent Gray Studios, Unit 2, The Courtyard, Crows Hall Farm, Chilgrove Road, Lavant, Chichester, West Sussex, Chichester, West Sussex, West Sussex PO18 9HW

Vincent Gray

Large and small scale sculpture by order or commission.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

My interest in the human form stems from an early growth-spurt manifesting in an awareness of posture and physique as a result my 6?6?? frame. This awareness informed my natural talent in drawing, painting and sculpture, inherited from my grandmother, a contemporary of Henry Moore, and encouraged by my mother. Drawing, I believe, lies at the root of all the creative arts, and studies in the human form, essential to the demands of sculpture. As well as an acute awareness of balance, articulation and anatomy, I am also sensitive to the human condition, hopes, fears, vulnerabilities and aspirations. Whether representing emotion or dynamism, I am concerned only with capturing the spirit and essence of the subject.
My time in the studio is divided into two main parts, commission work and gallery work. Commission work responds to both public and the private sectors and is largely in the design and making of figurative sculpture, this can be both formal and informal in composition. Gallery work is unrestrained and looser in composition.

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