Katie Davis

32 Norwich Road, Chichester PO19 5DG

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Katie Davis

Mixed media paintings and drawings using watercolour, acrylics, ink, soft pastels and charcoal; based on botany, ecology and bringing nature to life.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

My artwork explores bringing nature to life, using watercolour, ink, soft pastels and charcoal. Common subjects and themes include botany and ecology. I became inspired by eighteenth century artist and botanist Marie Sybillia Merien on my trips to Amsterdam, seeing exhibitions of her work in the Rijksmuseum and the city's botanical gardens. Her work and travels as a botanist led to her being one of the first people to discover and draw the life cycle of a butterfly. Seeing the intricacy and life-like detail of botanical drawings has brought a new slant to my artwork. Where I would normally be abstract and painterly, I have allowed myself to meditatively observe the world around me. Inspiration has also stemmed from my mum, who sadly passed away in September 2017 due to the debilitating disease of cancer. She was an artist and illustrator herself, and always encouraged my innate artistic side. Retrospectively, I couldn't help becoming an artist growing up surrounded by such a creative force.   Part of my work entails a refreshing look on my perception of the cathedral and its life giving source in the centre of Chichester. Being a Christian myself means that the cathedral is more than the stone it is made of to me. It symbolises the faith that people have had for centuries and the light that gives to a city.

Additional Information

Telephone: 07516 876608
Email: paintmadgirl@hotmail.co.uk
Instagram: paintmadgirl

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