Alison Sandeman

2 School Lane, Compton, West Sussex PO18 9EZ

Alison Sandeman

Thrown and handbuilt work in Stoneware, Porcelain and Raku. Alison's ceramics are inspired by the Sussex landscapes and a response to Japanese traditions

Selected Works

Personal Statement

The dynamic of running a pottery studio and teaching has provided a balanced and practical approach to my life as a potter with each feeding the other. This is reflected in the work: functional pots and individual ceramics in stoneware, porcelain and Raku which are inspired by English Country Pottery along with the ceramics of the East. The landscapes of the South Downs and Japanese traditions inspire my work on a daily basis, with a lively photographic record, playing an important part of the process. For many years I have also explored ancient making and firing techniques, which includes pit firing, and archaeological clay technologies. At the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum I ran a Prehistoric pot making and pit firing course, using clay from Pitsham Brickworks near Cocking. Strong links with Museums, and their Collection Stores are an essential part of this exciting process. I have worked on a long term research project with The Institute of Archaeology, University College London, on ancient making techniques. For several years I was involved with running the wood firing kiln at the former Cass Sculpture Foundation.

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