Becky Rose

55 Graydon Avenue, Stockbridge, West Sussex PO19 8RG

Becky Rose

Contemporary oil paintings and pen and ink drawings inspired by mountainous environments.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I'm a contemporary artist based in Chichester, West Sussex working from my self built studio at the bottom of my garden. I'm interested in exploring the relationship between natural land forms and the memory attachments made surrounding them. I use oil paint, pen and ink, collage and photography to explore the structure and magnitude of these landscapes.  Seeking inspiration through exploratory adventures, I'm never without my camera and sketchbook,  gathering both an ever changing composition and an emotional response to what I can see and feel. I allow my paintings to develop organically and rarely look to my source material for guidance. I rely mainly on my emotional memory, creating an ephemeral quality with my work; a momentary glimpse into an environment that is both familiar and distant. The fascination with the natural environment was imbedded in me at young age, with yearly trips into the mountains of North Wales that were filled with plenty of adventure and possibilities. The wild has now become a second home that provides me with clarity and endless inspiration for my work.

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