Gael Emmett

1 Southside, Stane Street, Maudlin PO18 0PB

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Gael Emmett

Jewellery designed and made in silver, gold, semi precious gemstones and fused glass, reflecting the shapes and colours found in nature and the landscape.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I am a designer maker of silver jewellery, with gold inclusions, semi precious gemstones and kiln fired glass. I work from my barn studio and sell through galleries, shops and online. I first discovered my love of silver jewellery design and making when I spent two years studying during my A levels. I completed a BA Hons in 3D design and then worked as a Textile Artist for many years. I moved to Australia in 1999 and whilst living there I attended a studio, where I furthered my training and rediscovered my love of working with silver. I have introduced gemstones and fused glass into my jewellery range more recently. My work is inspired by the simple rhythms and shapes found in nature. I love the simplicity of Scandinavian design and try to absorb this approach into my work. I also like the concept of jewellery being ‘playful’. I make pieces that have elements you can twist or turn and also stack in different arrangements. The palette in my work is inspired by local landscapes and seascapes which satisfies my love of colour.

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