Melanie Russell

1 Southside, Stane Street, Maudlin PO18 0PB

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Melanie Russell

Stoneware ceramic large & small vases, bowls and bottles, with Raku stoneware grogged pieces.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

"Clay", who doesn't like getting their hands dirty and exploring all the different types found around the world? Be it terracotta or a refined porcelain. From my childhood making clay biscuits and presenting them at school was just the beginning for me. Ceramics is a complex process starting with preparing the clay, turning when leather hard on the wheel, first firing your dried piece for 8 hours, then glazing using a range of colours and finishes and finally glaze firing for up to 12hours. So quite a long process which takes a lot of time, patience and skill. My love of ceramics has been a journey to produce wheel thrown pieces. I prefer using a kick wheel, over an electric wheel, which takes more effort and skill, but I like a challenge. Raku firing is another direction in ceramics I am exploring, with crackle and colourful glazes, which are not functional, as the pieces are porous. It's a process which is triggered by removing your work from the gas kiln red hot and placing it in a container with sawdust and paper, which blackens the clay and causes cracking on the surface of the glaze. There are still so many things to learn in ceramics and my journey continues.

Additional Information
Instagram @handthrownpottery

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