Angus Haywood

1 Southside,, Stane Street, Maudlin, West Sussex, West Sussex PO18 0PB

Angus Haywood

Photographs produced as silver gelatin prints. Genre of black and white landscape photography, of England and the Italian Lakes, produced in the traditional darkroom.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

The silver light found in landscapes, by day and by night, is worth making some effort to witness and 'capture' in your hands. Light's luminous qualities collectively attract me, like a photographic moth, to record with long and short exposures. It might be the illumination from a Full Moon beaming down on a coast at midnight, or reflected off a harbour sea into a windowed room, or found in hazy morning stillness on an Italian Lake. I often use silhouetted subjects and forms in the compositions, backlit in their own landscapes, to contrast with the delicacy of the light showing itself to me. A manual Hasselblad camera, film, and hand-printing with more light in the darkroom studio, concentrate the essence onto small silver gelatin paper prints. Self-taught since the late 80s, with some darkroom tutoring at a London studio. By profession I was an airline pilot in Europe, with eight years in Saudi Arabia until 2016. I also have experience hanging exhibitions and selling at the Bosham Gallery, representing and working closely with some of the most world's most esteemed landscape photographers, such as Michael Kenna and Charlie Waite. I am represented by David Mark at the Taunus Foto Galerie, Frankfurt, and a recent member of the Chelsea Arts Club.

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