Elaine Morgan

34 North Road, Bosham, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8NL

Elaine Morgan

Dry point and lino prints, oil & cold wax painting, mixed media work and eclectic experiments

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I love the mischief of colour as well as the contemplative nature of a limited palette: both find a place in my work which is informed by interests in place, time, belief and process. Travels, history, childhood, popular culture and contemporary issues all provide inspiration. Often pieces have a suggestion of narrative, myth and humour though sometimes my works are simply descriptive. My prints are line-based and tend towards the illustrative, though I am also experimenting with Collographs and the compositional impact of shape and texture. In painting, the combination of oil and wax medium lends itself beautifully towards abstract work with broad, layered application and I have been working towards a less figurative, more abstract and expressive style, aiming to create pieces which resonate with experience, perception and memory.

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