Lucie Cookson

0 Drove Ln, Chichester, West Sussex PO20, UK

Lucie Cookson

Large modern Oil Paintings, Pastel and charcoal drawings . Sumptuous life drawings, atmospheric street scenes and landscapes, commissioned portraits and Lucie's teaching demos.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Since last years Art trail Lucie has moved her art School Tidy St. to Earnley Place. Over the last year she has been creating portraits using the Florentine Schools method whilst developing her own uniquely British take on painting. Some of the techniques Lucie is now using date back to Rembrandt however there is something distinctively modern and future facing about her beautiful paintings. As always her work is about light, however all of a sudden the lights have been switched off and now simple daylight is illuminating us.

Lucie founded Tidy St out of a love for teaching, which she has done for many years. During art trail she will be demonstrating Oil Painting and drawing methods as well as showing the paintings she created whilst teaching.

Trained at Brighton University Lucie has exhibited internationally and has won several awards for her Painting. Her work has been in the National Portrait Gallery, The Kremlin and more locally Pallant House.

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