Mary Marmery

3 Harbour Court, Bosham, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8PB

Mary Marmery

I make unique handbuilt ceramic pots inspired by Ancient Greek forms. All are fired outdoors using fire and smoke to decorate the surfaces.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I make unique decorative hand-built Raku and pit-fired ceramic pots and small animal sculptures. After the first firing in a traditional firing kiln, I fire outside in fire and smoke to create one off stunning decorative surfaces. These surfaces range from irridescent and metallic colours if glazes are used or are simply black and white where the design is literally painted by smoke on a white background. I also pit-fire work where pots are covered with wood, sawdust, salts and oxides, then set alight and left to smoulder overnight. When I uncover the work in the morning and brush off the ash, beautiful random surface colours are revealed which resemble glowing planets. My inspiration is drawn from various sources of Ancient Greek pottery and from the natural world, often combing both. The Ancient Greek influences are mainly from the Cycladic period which gives the pit-bellied form. The linear designs are from the Hellenistic period found on grain and olive amphorae.

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