Anne Burn

145 Birdham Road, Apuldram, West Sussex PO20 7EA

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Anne Burn

Book art sculpture and resin based beach themed pieces with freeflow sculptured bowls.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I have been making book art sculptures for over 6 years, it started when I tried to donate books to charity shops only to be told they had too many and they, like other books, would end in the skip destined for landfill. I researched what I could do to make them last longer and found a lovely lady in Sweden who taught me the art of book folding. I also decided not to stop at books, I found a use for old T cups, bottles and jars. I love making things and you can always find me in my studio making something, one of my favourite things at the moment is using resin and experimenting free flow shapes and sculptures. I love to be challenged with my work to produce something unique.

Additional Information

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