Rebecca Rose

Broughton House, Bosham Hoe, West Sussex PO18 8ES

Rebecca Rose

Handmade unique and bespoke jewellery. Made with sterling silver and semi precious stones.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I consider myself lucky enough to be a silversmith, living next to an ever inspiring coastal landscape and within sight of the beautiful Southdowns. Being a silversmith has become a life long hobby for me. I started studying and began creating. Then with much enthusiastic encouragement from friends and family, I started selling and have since gone full time as a jeweller. I've been mainly self taught and have expanded my knowledge and skills through experimentation and repetition. Taking inspiration from natural forms and stargazing, I love working with soft lines, creating circles, orbs and texture, juxtaposing natural stones with new settings to create a modern vibe in my pieces. My work is very tactile and highly wearable.

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