Elsie Green

The Sidlesham Studios, Unit 2, Jury Lane, Sidlesham PO20 7PX

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Elsie Green

Medium sized paintings and prints exploring the wonders of nature.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I am a painter by nature, responding instinctively to the world around me. I like randomness and seek (and find) surprises. The dynamics of colour and form are everywhere, providing contrasts and correspondences. The way in which intentional and chance elements collide in the environment, reminds me of the process of painting itself. The texture and sensuality of oils, pigment, charcoal and oil bar are important to me. Often inspired by glimpses of nature, my own photos and found imagery, which I develop first as electronic sketches, painting proceeds in concentrated bursts, with periods of contemplation in-between. Painting is a formative act, like speech, and each painting is only completed when there is nothing left to be said.

Additional Information

Born in Lancashire, Elsie Green studied Fine Art (Painting) at Central School of Art, London. She was awarded an MA in Fine Art by Brighton University in 2002. ​ Elsie has exhibited in London and the UK, and her work is in private collections in England and Scotland. www.elsiegreenartist.co.uk 07828165451

See more at www.elsiegreenartist.co.uk

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