Fiona Champion

The Lower Duckhouse, Hobbs Farmhouse, Bilsham Road, Yapton, West Sussex BN18 0JY

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Fiona Champion

Wildlife painting, mostly acrylic or graphite. Sculpture, animals and other, from small to large outdoor works.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

My passion is for wildlife. Essentially I paint animals, mostly big cats. I love the grace and power, the beauty and elegance that the big cats have. Most of my paintings are inspired by the adventures I have experienced on safari - getting very close to wild animals. It is exciting and humbling and I hope to share this experience with my viewer. Those I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing in their native habitat, I have viewed in conservation breeding programmes and safari parks. I also work as a sculptor - both large and small pieces. I have had some of my sculptures cast in bronze at a foundry - a very intricate process. These tend to be my smaller sculptures, and some are ceramic. I have some larger sculptures, suitable for outside - these are made either from jesmonite or from resin. It’s a case of finding the medium and process that suits the result I am after.

Additional Information

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