Jacky Bellamy

White Horses,Clyde Road, Felpham, West Sussex PO22 7AH

Jacky Bellamy

Large abstract colourful oil paintings.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I am a retired teacher and now a painter. Always being involved, one way or another with teaching and learning, has brought me to a clarification of the place and purpose of learning and its relationship with expression. Without learning we have no means of expressing ourselves, and without expressing ourselves we have no means of learning.
A life of continuous learning, with limited opportunities to express that learning, has brought me to the wonderful and exciting state of mind that I now find myself in. No longer seeking approval of teachers, tutors, bosses, parents, bank managers, or even peer groups. My own font of knowledge, together with the freedom from self-justification, allows me to explore the social, psychological, biological and even physiological world around me. Through paint I can allow myself to dig deep into my learning about art, and to find a way to express my thoughts on the world around me
Thus my paintings are in oil, abstract and rather large. Each with a journey of their own with a story to tell.

Additional Information

Have a look at my Artist Interview here on the Trail website - click through on the 'Resources' tab above.

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