Helen Frost

20 Newport Drive, Fishbourne, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 3QQ

Helen Frost

A variety of work focussing on objects found around Chichester Harbour forming assemblage, sculpture and jewellery.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

My work is inspired by and comes from the beaches around Chichester Harbour, where I pick litter and collect treasure. I take a camera to record my finds, finding absorption in the hunt. But this is just the start - I then produce pieces in response to the items that I find on my walks around the shore. I am drawn to the texture, marks, colour and form of the junked and the jettisoned. A long lost spoon, a boat engine fuel filter, a lobster pot spacer - these are my pieces of treasure. I spend many hours scouring beaches and harbours and have developed an eye for spotting things that don't belong. I like to work with a variety of media, in 2D and 3D, utilising found wood, metal, rubber, cloth, plastic or anything else that appeals. I am fascinated with the process by which a pristine, utilitarian, commonplace man made item enters the sea and is returned to the land at some point, brought by tide and wind. On its return it has become unique - altered, distressed, made more beautiful and rendered useless! What happens in between is guess work!!

Additional Information

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