Isabel Dodson

12 Mill Lane, Fishbourne, West Sussex PO19 3JN

Isabel Dodson

Local landscapes. Quiet and contemplative almost minimal. Various sizes. Oils, pastels, charcoal, collage. Poems, cards, books, prints.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Isabel Dodson
BA (fine art) Nottingham Trent. DRSAM (clarinet) Glasgow
After a many years as a part-time teacher I now make art full time.
Recently the quiet but fragile landscape of Chichester Harbour, the flood plain, and the remnants of mans interventions have become a fruitful source of inspiration - a place where life is played out. Nature at work. Nature on the edge.
Generally I work in my studio from sketches, written observations, memory and occasionally photographs.
Work can take time to evolve - days, months, even years - simplifying and abstracting to arrive at the point where the image corresponds to the inspiration. An equivalence.
Mainly I work in series, exploring variations in light, colour, movement, mark making and dynamic.

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