Mark Gatehouse

24 Wiston Avenue, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 8RJ

Mark Gatehouse

An eclectic exploration of physical, cultural and personal boundaries. Creating challenging, sometimes playful, objects with acrylic and other tactile media.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Since training in the early 80's, Mark has kept body and soul together through teaching, photography, writing and making things and spaces. He has also exhibited widely in the UK and Europe. As a neutrally divergent person, Mark's career path is more wandering through a forest than speeding up the M1, delighting in the journey rather than, preconceived, arrival. His personal/creative philosophy might be encapsulated by: always follow the light; remember the map is not the territory and ignorance and inability are not barriers to progress, but opportunities for exploration and discovery. This approach shows in his artwork which is led by ideas and perceptions. Constantly experimenting, seeking techniques or processes that best realise a concept or thought. Possibly leading to a certain naïve vibrancy threading through his work. Whilst he tends towards acrylic media, he is occasionally compelled to incorporate or complete a piece using other media and objects to reach a satisfactory expression. His work is related more to therapy than profit. For example, during lockdown one, he repurposed a local bus stop to gallery where paintings were reimbursed through texting his picture hung their house. And there went the greatest hits, so far. Hey ho.

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