Caroline Henderson

Guardian Angel Carers, The Granary, Oak Lane, Apuldram, West Sussex PO20 7FD

Caroline Henderson

Abstract acrylic pourings and paintings, oil and pastel pictures, resined items. Inspired by the natural world around us.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I am a part time artist who started acrylic pouring during the first lockdown and fell in love escaping into this world of colour. It is an exciting journey into the unknown as there are so many variables that can affect the final outcome. The final step involves praying to the “Drying Gods” to be kind! Recently I have started experimenting with oil pastels, which combine my love of soft pastels and oils, and I love the different effects that can be created. I continue to experiment with different media. Art has always been very important to me as a way to relax from working in the healthcare profession; a way to switch off completely especially in the difficult time we have all been going through.

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