Isabel Dodson

12 Mill Lane, Fishbourne PO19 3JN

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Isabel Dodson

Quiet landscapes of Chichester Harbour and the contrasting drama of Pembrokeshire in a variety of sizes.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I paint in oils on board. On paper. Canvas. Charcoals, pastels and collage for different effects. Mostly landscapes. Elemental nature. Nature which consoles, humbles, nourishes. Originally I trained in classical music. Later in fine art. Art and music share many qualities - blank canvas, sheet of paper, empty room. Whiteness. Stillness. Mark, tone, colour, texture and dynamic disturb the silence. Outside. Periods visiting, sketching, writing. Finding my subject. Feeling the place. Inside. Play, experiment, risk. Memory. Imagination. Ideas develop. I like to work in series.

Additional Information

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