Leo Stevenson

63 Fishbourne Road West, Fishbourne PO19 3JJ

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Leo Stevenson

Oil paintings of landscapes, seascapes, aviation paintings, and a few fakes done in other artist's styles on TV.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I am an oil painter with a firm sense of the past and a respect for it - but with both feet firmly planted in the present. The heart and direction of my own work is in painting landscapes, seascapes and aviation paintings. My main aim is to convey atmosphere or evoke a place or an emotion, to persuade the viewer of my paintings to connect with my feelings and memories through their own feelings and memories. Art should communicate. I passionately believe that it is the job of the artist to convey personal emotions and experiences in ways that others can understand and appreciate. In this way art - good art - has a meaning, a purpose and longevity. Does that make me old fashioned? I don’t care! Please note that although I am best known fakes in other artist’s styles on TV, most of what I will have on show will be ‘me-as-me’, work done in my own style, but I will endeavour to have a few samples of the fakes on show if I can – and if anyone’s interested.

Additional Information

Please see my website for more information about me and my work. I also have a public Facebook page here I post all sorts of stuff about art, science, life and nothing about puppy dogs.

See more at www.leostevenson.com

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