Tim Sandys-Renton

Nutshell House, Lavant, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0BH

Tim Sandys-Renton

Large and small scale sculptures in steel, copper or bronze. Figurative motifs with other abstract or conceptual elements.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Tim produces large and small sculptures, mostly welded out of hammered/bent steel or copper sheet or bronze. He combines figurative elements/motifs with abstract frameworks made to support them in space, sometimes adding other objects/materials to shift of focus or concept. Material: Sculpture is about materiality, slowness and the hand. It is the antithesis of the immaterial digital world. Steel is at once traditional and modern, aggressive, and pliant, and the welding process highlights its heated, modelled, and bashed roughness. Themes: Heads & gesturing hands (referring to classical sculpture and mythology), power or lack of it (religious/secular, political, commercial/spiritual), upside-down-ness (gravity), emptiness (interior space) and lack of function. Recent ideas of clothing (collars and pinstripes) relate to formalised social structures. Approach: Tim sees making Art as a way of making unexpected connections, giving a voice to dumb materials, having a conversation with his imagination; he's not interested in creating objects that illustrate, define, or fix things, or that repeat things he consciously knows already! Inspiration: Tim's work takes inspiration from the British Geometry of Fear sculpture movement from the 1950s (i.e. Reg Butler and Lynn Chadwick) amongst others.

Additional Information

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