Lyn Messenger

9 Belgrave Crescent, Donnington PO19 8RY

This page shows details of the previous Trail and is solely intended to provide an idea of how artist information is displayed on our website. You may contact artists from the 2019 Chichester Art Trail using the details shown on their respective listings.

Lyn Messenger

Primarily pastels and pastel pencils but other media used to produce paintings from nature and still life.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Making art and seeing art in all things is a way of life. My work is influenced by a life long love of the colours, textures and unity of nature. When I paint a mouse I feel every little hair and underlying muscle. A dish of fruit is tasted, smelled and caressed. A landscape is drunk in and becomes an expression of what I see and feel. I work primarily in pastels and pastel pencils but experiment with other media; water colours, acrylics, inks and oils. I hope my art will help others, in some small way, to experience the joy and inner peace I feel when making it.

Additional Information
facebook: Lyn Messenger

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