Luke McEwen

93 Green Lane, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 7NU

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Luke McEwen

Paintings of seascapes, swimmers, mixed media using shells and book illustrations. Available on greetings cards, with or without the artist’s poetry.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

The Lighthouse Period – An Artist’s Journal

In my novel, The Angel of Eddystone, Mark, one of the central protagonists, keeps a journal of the time that he lives at Eddystone lighthouse. It’s one of the UK’s most remote tower lighthouses, being twelve miles south of Plymouth. Mark is there for three months on his own, apart from a couple of hundred sea birds and some dolphins; sadly, no mermaids.

He writes poetry and his own philosophy on how to survive the hectic lifestyle the majority of us are now used to. He sketches and paints seascapes and memories of his life when he was among people. His poems are available on greetings cards, which are decorated with his doodles and paintings. The artist’s journal will be published later this year.
The gallery also includes:

Mixed media work, shells and found objects on a canvas with a painted background.

Paintings of underwater swimmers.


A children’s book, The Cat Competition: West Dean Summer Fete 1935, which is a book of cat stories with over 50 illustrations.

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