Miriam (Mim) McCann

Newark Farm House, Chichester Road, West Wittering PO20 8QA

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Miriam (Mim) McCann

Ceramic life-cast sculptures, experimental porcelain pottery, mixed media jewellery and quirky bears.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

After a lifetime of playing with clay, I am forever experimenting, incorporating metal within clay sculptures, developing surface glazes and Raku techniques. I create both conceptual ceramics and functional pottery. Aesthetically intriguing life-cast sculptures of the human form, inside and out, convey concepts of vulnerability and strength; provoking thoughts and evoking memories. In contrast, I draw upon inspiration from ocean waves and star filled skies for decoration in my porcelain pottery. In 2003 I graduated in Ceramics at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, and set up my business Last Chance Ceramics in the last few years. I have gained invaluable experience travelling the world and living in various places along the south coast; I am now based in West Sussex creating bespoke artworks, pottery and jewellery as well as practicing Swedish Massage Therapy.

Additional Information

Facebook and Instagram "Last Chance Ceramics"

See more at www.lastchanceceramics.com

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