Richard Whincop

55 Mid Lavant, West Sussex PO18 0BL

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Richard Whincop

Realistic figurative paintings, sometimes with a surreal twist. Landscape paintings inspired by the South Downs. Oils, acrylics, giclée prints.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

Richard is an artist, designer and lecturer whose figurative paintings combine realism, narrative drama and glowing light, with a palette enriched by his exploration of landscape. Born in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, he graduated in Art History at York University in 1986, and became an established figurative painter in Glasgow. From 2006 he had a series of solo shows, including "Museum Pieces” in 2010 at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum. After moving to Lavant in 2010, Richard developed a series of landscapes inspired by the atmospheric colour and light of the South Downs. As well as portraits of people and animals Richard has done major public commissions at home and abroad, and exhibited at galleries and art fairs throughout the UK and Ireland. His figurative and surrealist work creates a dialogue between past and present, through a poetic combination of contemporary figures and cultural references to the past, and has recently been exploring how we relate to cars and aeroplanes as works of art. An accredited Arts Society Lecturer, Richard's research into the geometry of art and architecture is helping him to develop new approaches to design and composition.

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