Gaye Clear

Wood Cottage, Main Road Hunston, Chichester, West Sussex PO20 1PD

Gaye Clear

I am a seascape Artist, I work from my imagination, using Acrylic, watercolour & mixed-media, focusing on atmosphere, colour & light.

Selected Works

Personal Statement

I am a seascape Artist, I have honed my skills through hard work & determination to achieve my own distinctive style. My preferred mediums are Acrylic, watercolour & mixed-media. I gain my inspiration from spending hours at the beach, absorbing the ever changing light, how it casts its shadows one moment then the sun peeps through spreading dappled sparkles over the surface of the water, I endeavour to capture this in my work. I paint from my imagination, mind & soul, I strive to capture drama & atmosphere to draw the viewer into the painting, as if they were there. My approach & style of painting has evolved & aims to represent emotion, focusing on my personal interpretation & feelings for the subject. As I paint my work comes alive, during its evolving development, initially I have no vision, I never know what will happen, it just becomes. I like to experiment using different mediums to create interesting textures in my work. The main thing that excites me is the constant journey of learning & improving my skills.

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